About Sara DiaVola and DivineSarah.com

Here are some reasons to join!

Wait - you need REASONS to join My site? I'm not giving you any fucking reasons besides the obvious - I'm Sarah DiaVola, bitch! I'm the most worshiped FEMDOM on the planet - My clips are legendary, as is My body; and My control over the minds of men. I allowed this site to be created for one purpose: so that you may more easily become My slave. It's the only sympathy I'll have for you, but you will be in good company. So many men have come before you. On their knees. To Me. For Me. I will make you weak and desperate to serve your Goddess, of that you can be assured. I mean this with all due respect - it shows a refined taste and good judgement that you kneel down before My feet. A superior Goddess accepts only the finest applicants. If you knelt before just anyone, why would I want you? Prove your worth to me - I will reward you inside.


What's it going to be, sweetheart? My feet, right? You can't stop thinking about how they smell - how they'd feel on your face if I rubbed them up and down while stroking that thing between your legs. I'd force you to lick and suck them until you explode, wouldn't I? No, you want Me to force you to eat your own cum, is that it? I can tell. You're here for My JOI clips where I instruct and control your orgasms, and then humiliate and degrade you by commanding that you swallow your mess. Oh! I know what it is. You want what I am most famous for - My ability to turn otherwise normal men into bi-curious cock slaves. That is how weak I can make you. One minute you're worshiping at My divine toes and the next I've convinced you that the only way to properly serve Me is for you to accept a big, fat cock right into your mouth. I know you don't REALLY want it - but you'll do it. For Me.

Now really, one feature of My site should be irrelevant to you - but I'll tell you about it anyway. Let's say your brother with an IQ of 80 comes over while you are logged into My member area looking around. You don't want to share Me with someone like that - and he can't properly appreciate My intelligence like you can. Sure, he'd stare and drool and say "Uh huh huh....She hot" - but honestly, this is between us. You and I. If something like this happens, you have network access to other sites I am affiliated with so that you can browse around and look at other girls - knowing the whole time that you would never, EVER leave me. When the halfwit goes home, you'll come back to Me - And we can return to what we were doing. You didn't really LIKE those other girls, did you?

This is the time and the place to show your devotion to Me. See that button down there? It says Join Now! Does that look like a request? It means what it says - JOIN NOW! It doesn't say think about it - It doesn't say come back when your wife isn't watching. If you want Me, this is what I need you to do. And really, this is what's best for both of us.